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Matador Network Survey Reveals Where, How, and Why People Will Travel When Restrictions Are Lifted

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by Eben Diskin May 13, 2020

While we are currently under stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions, it does not stop us from dreaming big for the future. If anything, having been stuck at home for weeks has made us even more eager to go out and see the world once it is deemed safe to travel again.

Matador Network conducted a survey of 2,179 individuals around the world to learn more about their thoughts and behaviors toward travel, and the results provide great insights on the future of the industry.

According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents are looking to travel beyond their home state or region on their next trip. While close to 800 respondents said they would likely remain within the borders of their home country, 700 answered that they would venture abroad.

When asked about methods of transportation, 49 percent said they planned to travel by air on their next trip, while 40 percent favored the car.

Given the uncertainties surrounding international travel right now — and continued trepidation about air travel — these results are both surprising and promising for the future of the industry.

When asked about the type of travel respondents would be interested in, the results were less surprising. The majority of travelers expressed interest in trips related to outdoors and adventure (where social distancing may prove easier). When it comes to cruises and all-inclusive trips, however, travelers aren’t exactly knocking down the door.

This data isn’t just a hopeful barometer for travelers eager to travel again, but also for destinations wondering how to appeal to visitors post-lockdown. Understanding what kinds of vacations people are comfortable taking, and how far they’re willing to venture from home, could prove invaluable as the tourism industry looks to jumpstart its business.

For more of the study’s findings, check out the insight report in full.

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