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Lyft Is Taking You to Museums and Women-Owned Businesses for Free This March

by Eben Diskin Mar 11, 2019

For Women’s History Month, Lyft is honoring the contributions of women in a big way. The ride-sharing company will be offering free rides up to $10 to locations associated with women’s history, such as monuments, museums, and female-owned businesses throughout the month of March.

Each rider can only use the free ride once, however, and to very specific locations. The promotion is available in 37 cities across the US and Canada, and each city has its own unique discount code which needs to be entered into the app.

The valid destinations within each city can be found on Lyft’s blog post announcing the event. Examples of destinations included in the deal are the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego, the Harriet Tubman Memorial in New York City, the Chicago History Museum, and 4J Brewing Company in Houston among many others.

Lyft’s goal with this promotion is to encourage riders to “learn important lessons from the women who’ve made their mark in history,” and recognize that “so many of them are just everyday people.” Ultimately, by making these locations more accessible, they want people to feel empowered to go out and create change themselves.

You can still take advantage of the deal if your ride ends up costing more than $10, but keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying the difference.

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