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This Map Shows the Most Popular Film in Every Country

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by Tim Wenger Aug 31, 2018

Now and then, a movie sets the tone for how we perceive a country. In 2001, for example, we saw France through the quirky story of Amélie, and we saw Iceland through the dramatic lens of A Dancer in the Dark in 2000. Now, you can take in every country in the world through the top-rated film there, thanks to a new map from Vouchercloud.

The map is based on IMDB ratings and notes the best movie from each country (according to the viewing public) based on the film either being produced, filmed, or in some way linked to that part of the world.

The display is quite thorough with data for all but about fifty countries worldwide. There are more than a few surprises and standouts on the map, starting right here in the United States. The Shawshank Redemption is the highest-rated film on IMDB that was produced in the United States, with an average rating of 9.3 (out of 9.9) from nearly two million voters.

Zoom in here.

A few films produced in more than one country took top honors across borders. The Message is the top-rated film for both Egypt and Libya, and The Pirates of Somalia holds the title in Somalia, as well as Sudan. The rankings suggest that the most popular film genre across the world is drama — the defining characteristic of the top-rated film in more than 25 countries. Biographies, comedies, and adventure flicks are also quite popular. If you don’t see your favorite film listed, it doesn’t appear to be a signal of bad taste — many of those on the map are far from blockbusters.

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