This Map Reveals the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Every US State

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by Eben Diskin Feb 11, 2020

If you thought chocolates were the treat of choice for Valentine’s Day — think again. As it turns out, the holiday actually seems to be rivaling Halloween not only in its candy-centric focus, but also in the countrywide debate over which candy is best., an online bulk candy store, compiled data from the past 12 years to determine the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in every US state. If you don’t know your Valentine’s taste just yet, and want to take an educated guess, this map could be your best friend.


With the absence of SweetHearts in the candy hearts sphere last year, conversation hearts took a pretty big blow. Although other brands did try to fill the gap left by the candy hearts power player, it wasn’t quite enough to tip the scales in their favor, especially while up against heavy-hitters like heart-shaped chocolate boxes and M&Ms.

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes won out this year, being the favorite candy in 19 states. Conversation hearts still have a big presence on the map, with 14 states choosing them as their favorite. Valentine’s in Oregon and Wyoming might be in for the most unique treat, however, as they’re the only two states whose favorite Valentine’s Day candy is chocolate roses.

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