AS THOSE OF US in the Northern Hemisphere are basking in the sun of the summer months, it is a good idea to remind ourselves to be grateful for the wonderfully hot weather while it lasts. We all know that in most of the USA and Canada, winter can be very cold, but you may be surprised to see just how cold it can get. Reddit user Ianson15 created the map below to show the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the two countries and it might just send a chill down your spine.

Map: Reddit user Ianson15

It looks even worse when in Farenheit:

Map: Reddit user Ianson15

The Yukon is the coldest place ever recorded in both Canada and the USA while, unsurprisingly, Florida’s record cold temperature is -19°C/-2°F, making it the warmest place ever recorded in the two countries.

What’s the lowest temperature you’ve ever experienced? Where was it? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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