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Now You Can Uber a Boat Thanks to Uber's Brand New Features

by Eben Diskin May 17, 2023

As if Uber wasn’t already a huge part of our everyday lives, now they’re rolling out a host of new features to ensure that our day-to-day activities are really intertwined with the app. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Once just a ride-sharing service, now Uber is poised to be so much more – and we’re not just talking about ordering takeout. According to a recent announcement, Uber is releasing a flurry of new features and products, ranging from accounts for teenagers to ordering group groceries and even booking a boat in Greece.


One of Uber’s major new developments is making it easier for teenagers to safely use Uber. Starting May 22, teens ages 13-17 with parent or guardian approval will be able to request their own rides and order their own deliveries on Uber. Parents will be in full control of the account, and aware of every request and delivery order in real time. In a similar family-oriented vein, parents will also now be able to request a ride with a car seat to keep their small children safe. It’s all thanks to Uber’s partnership with Nuna, a premium car seat company whose car seats carry children from birth up to 65 lbs.


Perhaps Uber’s most exciting new feature is boat rentals in Mykonos. That’s right, now you can Uber a boat in the Aegean. Travelers to Mykonos can book a boat for up to eight guests to hop around popular destinations around the island. If you’re planning on sticking to land, however, the new Uber Central travel concierge might be more up your alley. Uber Central uses concierges around the world to reserve rides on your behalf, so you can let them worry about the logistics while you focus on exploring a destination.


Even UberEats is getting a bit of a facelift. Already many users’ favorite Uber feature, now UberEats is making it easier for you to build a grocery cart with group orders. Invite friends to add items, set deadlines of when to order, automatically split the bill, and set recurring orders. This feature could single-handedly save many roommates’ friendships. Another fun feature being added is video messages, which allow you to record video messages to accompany your UberEats gift. It’s perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.

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