Photo: Cushman & Wakefield

The Oceanfront Hawaiian Ranch From ‘Lost’ Is Up for Sale

by Eben Diskin Nov 4, 2020

Now that Hawaii is open to out-of-state visitors without the need to quarantine, it’s the perfect time to go house hunting in paradise. And if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that easy access to nature and a little isolation from other people is key to a healthy, relaxing lifestyle, so this ranch for sale on Oahu’s North Shore is just the thing we need.

On top of being stunning, the Hawaiian ranch also has some pop culture appeal as it was used in the filming of various jungle scenes in Lost, during the first and second seasons.

The Dillingham Ranch covers 2,700 acres and has been in disuse for several years. The property stretches from the oceanfront at Kaihalulu Beach to the Waianae Mountains, with views of Ka’ena Point and some of the island’s best surfing beaches. It’s the largest contiguous land offering for sale on Oahu right now.

But street cred and 18.8 acres of oceanfront land in Hawaii come at a price, namely an eye-watering $45 million.

The ranch is currently used for cattle grazing, farming, equestrian activities, and polo, but for a creative owner the possibilities are truly endless.

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