Photo: Inside Edition /Youtube

Little Old Lady Rescues Base Jumper After Ill-Fated Leap

by Eben Diskin Jan 17, 2020

A base jumper wound up in a sticky situation recently when he base-jumped off a high-rise apartment building in Acapulco, Mexico. The jump went badly, and the jumper, Kody Kosloski, ended up crashing into the side of the building and dangling helplessly just above one of the apartment’s balconies. Luckily for him, this old woman was there to save the day.

The Michigan-based daredevil was filming the whole thing with a camera mounted to his helmet, so the thrilling jump, unfortunate crash, and sweet rescue were all caught on tape. After Kosloski jumped and released his parachute, an unlucky gust of wind took him right toward the building, where he scrambled to get his bearings. Caught up on a balcony, he caught the attention of the old lady below, who came to the rescue.

“I see you,” she said, pulling him by the hand to safety.

She then offered him a glass of water, which he politely declined. You can even hear the crowd below cheering for him — or maybe it’s for the old woman — when he announces that he’s safe.

He later told Inside Edition, “That lady was a sweetheart, very helpful, caring and nice. I’m sorry for scaring her.”

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