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Travel Withdrawal Is so Real That People Are Ordering Airline Snacks Online

by Eben Diskin May 8, 2020

At their best, airplane snacks were a somewhat lackluster way to take the edge off your inflight hunger. At their worst, they were flavorless morsels that only made your mouth drier and your stomach growl even more. Now, as we find ourselves grounded, airplane snacks are coated with a nostalgic glow. A relic of the not-so-distant good old days, airplane snacks are in high demand now as a reminder of what once was, and what might be again.

With planes virtually empty these days, millions of perfectly good airplane snacks are going to waste. That’s why Imperfect Foods, an online grocery delivery company that uses excess inventory to eliminate food waste, is now buying unused snacks from airlines (and even hotels) and selling them to consumers. For example, the company is buying up JetBlue’s cheese and snack trays and selling them for $2.99.

According to Philip Behn, Imperfect Foods Chief Executive, the company has sold 40,000 cheese and snack trays.

And those who need it the most are getting the airline snacks for free. JetBlue has been donating much of its unused stash to food banks and hospitals, including EatUp snack Boxes, EatUp Cafe fresh food items, beer, wine, and even liquor. Similarly, Southwest has donated over $400,000 in snacks and other in-flight items to nonprofits, Delta has donated 200,000 pounds of food around the world in recent weeks (including their famous Biscoff shortbread cookies), and United donated 173,000 pounds of food to food banks and charities.

As for United’s popular stroopwafels, you were always able to buy them at Now, you can get them 15 percent off by using the code: FLYAWAY15.

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