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If a Pick-Six Happens in the Super Bowl, America Gets Free Breakfast

by Eben Diskin Jan 31, 2019

Even if you’re not into football, you’ll want to watch Super Bowl 2019 on Sunday, February 3. Hardee’s, the popular burger chain is offering free breakfast — a Made From Scratch Sausage Biscuit — if a pick-six happens in the Super Bowl.

A pick six is an interception that’s returned for a touchdown. And it’s actually not as much of a long shot as you might think. Since 2007 there have been six such played in Super Bowls — each occurring in a separate game. The longest play in Super Bowl history happened exactly 10 years ago, when the Steelers’ James Harrison intercepted Kurt Warner and ran the ball 100 yards for a touchdown.

If history repeats itself, you’ll be able to stroll into your local Hardee’s on February 8 between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM to pick up your free sandwich. Unfortunately for New England fans, there are no Hardee’s locations in New England, but watching Tom Brady collect his sixth championship ring should be a decent consolation prize.

H/T: Thrillist

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