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Pilot Orders 23 Pizzas for Stranded Passengers Stuck in Airplane

by Eben Diskin Mar 6, 2019

When an Air Canada flight en route from Toronto to Halifax was diverted to Fredericton, New Brunswick, due to poor weather conditions, the passengers found themselves stuck inside the aircraft on the tarmac. While the situation could have created a whole lot of anger among the air travelers, the pilot defused all possible tension by ordering 23 pizzas to feed everyone. Roch Larivée, the manager of Minglers Restaurant and Pub in Oromocto, fielded the pilot’s phone call and later told CNN that they were “laughing all night” about the order. The restaurant had never delivered pizza to an airplane before.

Philomena Hughes, one of the plane’s passengers, told the CBC that she was impressed by the way the pilot handled the unusual situation. He kept passengers informed throughout the whole duration of the delay, and of course, went beyond the call of duty by providing them with sustenance. “It was something that could have been very stressful,” she said. “He made it a lot easier.”

According to Larivée, the pilot even called the restaurant the following day to thank the staff for delivering the pizzas in such a timely manner. And since the flight wasn’t one that initially included any meals, passengers found themselves with an unexpected perk.

The flight finally made it safely in Halifax on Tuesday afternoon.


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