How Powerful Is Your Passport in 2017?

by Morgane Croissant Apr 14, 2017

THE PASSPORT YOU OWN says much more about your ability to travel than you may think.

If, like me, you often complain about the mess of red tape to obtain a work permit here or a visa there, take a look at Passport Index and you’ll probably realise that you have it a lot easier than many other travellers.

Passport Index sorts each global passport by “power rank”. Passport holders from Germany rank at the top, with the ability to visit 159 countries without applying for a visa or buying one on arrival. Those from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq are indexed last with only 24, 27, and 28 countries on their “visa-free” list. A significant discrepancy that illustrates how freedom of movement means very different things in different parts of the world.



The website also allows you to sort out the world’s passports by colour and to check out the details on the front cover of each of them, providing a window on each country’s culture.

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