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How to Properly Compliment a Kansan

by Ashleigh Lee Feb 26, 2018

Kansans might try to shy away from any attention and compliments, but it’s just because our midwest modesty coming through. Being recognized for something other than the “Wizard of Oz” will always score points, but here are a few more pointers on how to properly compliment a Kansan.

1. Crops are looking good this year.

Harsh winters and tornadoes can and will destroy crops, and many years farmers suffer from those disasters. So when someone says they’re looking good, you know your harvest will be a great one.

2. Your hair looks amazing today!

Perfect hair days in Kansas are hard to come by. Unfortunately, these days are rare since our weather changes every few hours.

3. Can I have another helping?

If the way to a person’s hearts is through their stomachs, then the way to a Kansan’s heart is to ask for a second serving.

4. Good luck in the tournament.

This applies to KU, K-State, and Wichita State basketball teams entering March Madness. We’ve got good odds with three teams representing our great state in the Big Dance.

5. There is so much more to Kansas than the “Wizard of Oz.”

We know this story made us famous, but we’re also appreciative that others take the time to get to know our sunflower state.

6. I love how far I can see out here.

Yes, Kansas is as flat as a pancake. Our uninterrupted views are breathtaking. Just wait until you see the stars at night.

7. These burnt ends are the best I’ve ever tasted.

KC barbecue made this delicious part of brisket famous when other barbecue cities threw them away. Once the trend caught on, KC made sure to everyone knew where they came from.

8. Nice truck. Four-wheel drive?

We are proud of our trucks and there are probably times where you need to call on one of us to help you move. But we’re always ready and willing to help out.

9. Kansans are just so nice!

Tell a Kansan this and we’ll be too modest to admit it. Thank our Midwestern charm.

10. Chili and cinnamon rolls are a perfect combo.

It’s an unlikely match, but we will love to hear outsiders say they enjoy our childhood school lunch staple.

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