Photo: Akron Zoo/Facebook

Red Lobster Employee Discovers Rare Blue Lobster in Its Shipment and Gives It to a Zoo

by Eben Diskin Jul 28, 2020

Red Lobster might have just discovered some accidental inspiration for a new spinoff chain — Blue Lobster. According to the Akron Zoo Facebook page, a Red Lobster employee found a rare blue lobster in a delivery to the chain’s Cuyahoga Falls location. The blue shell is the result of a genetic anomaly, and occurs in about one of every two million lobsters.

The Red Lobster staff grew somewhat attached to the rare lobster, affectionately naming it Clawde after the chain’s mascot. After its discovery, the restaurant contacted the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which then reached out to the Akron Zoo to secure a more permanent home for the lobster.

“Our animal care staff was able to quickly spring into action and prepare a new home for him,” said the zoo on Facebook. “Clawde is acclimating to his new home here at the Akron Zoo, in a special tank that has been dubbed ‘Clawde’s Man Cave’ by his care team.”

Photo: Akron Zoo/Facebook

Since adopting the lobster, the zoo staff realized Clawde was actually a female and changed the name to Clawdia. Her special place is now a “she-shed.”

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