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Ryan Reynolds’ Liquor Brand Is Donating Part of Its Proceeds to Out-of-Work Bartenders

by Eben Diskin Mar 25, 2020

In an attempt to encourage people to continue patronizing restaurants and help the service industry while social distancing, yesterday was Great American Takeout Day. Similar initiatives are popping up, aiming to alleviate the financial stress on our nation’s restaurant workers and bartenders, and the #TipYourBartenders movement might be on the verge of something big.

Since most bars and restaurants in the United States have had to close their doors, bartenders are largely out of work. To support them, Aviation Gin just announced its new #TipYourBartenders program offering a $15,000 tip to the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG). Between now and May 1, Aviation Gin will also donate 30 percent of the proceeds from each Aviation Gin bottle sold through major national partners to the USBG. The goal is to ensure that bartenders are still provided with a 30 percent tip, despite being out of work.

To make sure a portion of your purchase goes to the USBG, the bottle must be delivered through one of Aviation’s formal partners, including ReserveBar, Drizly,, Total Wine & More, Minibar, and Caskers.

Inspired by Aviation Gin, owned by actor Ryan Reynolds, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who created and own mezcal brand Dos Hombres, are following suit in this generous gesture. Thirty percent of the proceeds from online purchases of Dos Hombres will be donated to the USBG.

Hopefully more liquor manufacturers will soon join in and rescue the out-of-work people of the service industry. For more information on how you can help hospitality workers affected by COVID-19, check out Matador Network’s guide to charities helping with the crisis.

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