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Ryanair Makes Passengers Take a Bus to Greece After Landing Two Countries Away in Romania

by Eben Diskin Jan 7, 2019

When you’ve just landed after a long-haul flight, the last thing you want is to board a bus for another leg of travel. Imagine how the passengers of this Ryanair flight felt when their plane from London, bound for Greece, landed in Romania instead and were told to catch a bus the rest of the way to Greece. The plane was supposed to arrive in Thessaloniki, Greece, by 10:00 PM, but fog at the airport caused a diversion. Normally the plane would land in Skopje, the nearby Macedonian capital, but instead, flight FR8582 landed at the airport in Timisoara, Romania, where transport to Greece isn’t exactly straightforward. Needless to say, the 200 passengers weren’t impressed.

Close to the Hungarian border, Timisoara is nearly 500 miles from Thessaloniki. While it might not sound like the most sensible or convenient landing spot, Ryanair does have a base at the Timisoara airport, making service recovery easier. Passengers and their family members expressed their outrage via Twitter.

Besides sleeping at the airport overnight, the only option Ryanair offered their passengers was an 18-hour bus ride to Thessaloniki. Eighty-nine passengers refused to board the bus, which was reported to be in poor condition, choosing instead to spend the night at the airport. Ultimately, the Greek government sent an Aegean Airlines plane to rescue the passengers, which arrived in Thessaloniki nearly a full day later than scheduled.

This latest incident probably won’t help boost Ryanair’s standing in the airline community. Ryanair was recently voted the worst UK airline for the sixth year in a row, and when surveyed, 90% of respondents (7,901) said it was the one airline they would never travel.

H/T: Insider

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