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Spain Banned Tourists From Taking Popular TikTok Video of the Country's Most Famous Building

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by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 10, 2024

The Spanish government, like many authorities around the world, is taking a hard stance on TikTok content creators. The Sagrada Familia TikTok trend involved tourists visiting the famous landmark in Barcelona and capturing a video on the escalators leading out of the metro station. Tourists would film themselves on the moving stairs, which officials have deemed dangerous.

The unsafe viral fad featured people posing or dancing on the escalators, with the architectural marvel in the background. The annoying number of tourists attempting to film themselves on the escalators caused congestion and safety hazards. There were reports from local press of people falling and blocking the exit.

@thisgirlygracie I was so sad #barcelonametro #spain #lasagradafamilia ♬ Live Your Life – T.I.

In this video, which has garnered 91,000 views, TikToker Gracie shared that there was a person (presumably a guard) “telling you off” for making videos. This didn’t seem to stop Gracie from doing it herself, but hopefully, the others will respect the rules in place. As seen in this TikTok, posters and signage are clear and unmissable.

@gabriellechristensen I guess tiktok put an end to this trend😆 #barcelona #sagradafamilia #fyp ♬ baddie background – Dersim 👅

As the Sagrada Familia is perhaps Spain’s most famous landmark, it sees over 3,000,000 visitors a year, and causing conjunction in or around the attraction is not only dangerous, it’s also an annoyance to other visitors and locals who use that metro stop during the daily commute.

The Sagrada Familia is nearing its long-awaited completion. Recent announcements by the Sagrada Familia Foundation suggest a finishing date of 2026. Construction of the Roman Catholic church began in 1882 and was spearheaded by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí dedicated his life to the project but only saw a quarter of it finished before his passing in 1926. It’s hoped the 2026 target will be met as it coincides with the centenary of Gaudí’s death.

The Sagrada Familia TikTok trend is not the only craze to be banned at famous landmarks. Tourists have gotten the boot from many others due to safety concerns, property damage, or just plain annoyance. For example, Nepalese tourist spots, such as the birthplace of Buddha and the Gadhimai Temple, and other sacred sites have banned TikTokers. No doubt, we’ll hear of other authorities taking action throughout the summer holiday season.

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