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Viral Video of Scary Theme-Park Ride Is Completely Fake

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by Eben Diskin Jun 17, 2019

Apparently, you can’t always trust viral videos. Who knew? There’s a new video of a theme-park ride that has been making the rounds on social media and garnering quite a bit of attention for how dangerous it looks. In the video, it appears as though thrill-seekers are strapped into individual pods, slowly raised to the top of a needle-like structure, dropped in unison, and then spun around in circles in midair.

The video originated with Thai Twitter users, with one even amassing over 1.6 million views. The only catch is that it’s totally fake. Fooling millions online, the video was actually created using computer animation although it’s still unclear who created the video — or why.

The ride in the computer-animated video seems to be inspired by a real ride at an amusement park in South Korea, called the Gyro Drop.

The ride features a 315-foot tower with a rotating ring of 40 seats, lifting passengers into the air and then dropping them in a free fall. This might sound a bit less nerve-wracking, but it still inspired someone to get creative and use CGI to make an already nail-biting ride even more frightening.

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