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This Small and Remote Scottish Island Is Looking for New Residents

by Eben Diskin Jul 31, 2020

Right now is the perfect time to move away from cities to less-densely populated spots, and there are few better and more remote places than Scotland’s Inner Hebrides islands. The Isle of Rum, a small island in the archipelago located 30 miles off the coast of Scotland, is looking for new residents to add to its current population of around 30 to 40.


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The island’s community trust is seeking applicants to rent four two-bedroom eco-homes — currently under construction just outside the village of Kinloch, which is the island’s only settlement. Rent is a modest $590 per month and ideal applicants would commit to stay two years or longer. The houses will be available by September 2020.

The island is looking for individuals and families who are eager to contribute to the small community by volunteering and helping organize events. Particularly, the trust is looking for hard-working applicants who are either currently self-employed or are keen to become self-employed in the fields of food production, catering, tourism, and child care. Skilled workers in construction are also in high demand.

Deer and gulls on the island of Rum, Scotland

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The Isle of Rum is a National Nature Reserve, with an abundance of deer, wild goats, ponies, and golden- and white-tailed eagles. Kinloch, where the houses are located.

The application deadline is August 28, 2020, and you can download the form online.

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