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These Are the Sexiest Accents in the United States

by Tim Wenger May 20, 2019

The United States is a country of accents and dialects. You likely have one, whether or not you even recognize that it’s there. And this accent sends all kinds of signals to those with whom you communicate. One of those signals is sexiness.

You might be confident in your ability to woo potential romantic partners, but your accent might be what actually casts the magic spell. Travel company Big 7 conducted a survey to determine which US accent is the most seductive, ranking 50 regional dictions. The brand polled over 1.5 million social media users, and the results are wicked smaht.

Bostonians may never have figured out how to pronounce the letter “R,” but their accent still swooned its way to the number two spot. “Bostonian” was topped only by “Texan,” as a good Southern drawl is apparently among the sexiest traits a person can possess. Californians came in at number 10.

Some top-ranked accents aren’t as renowned as the Texan drawl, however. Cleveland’s accent, with those nasal-y A’s and rapid-fire O’s, came in 23rd. Virginia Piedmont, whatever that is, came in at 19th.

Outside of Boston, the East Coast did not fare well. Numbers 49 and 50 were held by New Jersey and Long Island, respectively. Minnesota, home to one of the most distinct accents in the country, also ranked low, coming in at number 48. The “General American” accent, perhaps most known for ordering a “Bud-Weis-Er,” ranked 32nd.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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