Photo: Andrew Thomas via ITV News

A Flock of Sheep Gathered Outside an Empty McDonald’s in Wales

by Eben Diskin Apr 21, 2020

McDonald’s probably won’t be the first restaurant you go to once the lockdown is lifted, but when you’ve gone weeks without setting foot inside a restaurant, even McDonald’s starts to look pretty good. One flock of sheep in Wales can’t wait until lockdown restrictions are officially lifted and are already lining up outside the door of this McDonald’s in Ebbw Vale.

Andrew Thomas, who captured the photo and shared it online, via ITV News, said, “Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald’s withdrawals.”

“There are always sheep wandering the streets of Ebbw Vale where they come down off common but never seen them in McDonald’s before. I was leaving Aldi next door after doing some shopping for my mother who is in isolation and stopped on the way out to take the picture.”

The appearance of the sheep isn’t totally surprising, however, given how other animals have been behaving during the lockdowns. In the absence of humans, animals have been emboldened to range from their usual habitats and wander into empty city streets or park trails. Elsewhere in Wales, for example, goats descended upon the town of Llandudno, raiding gardens and enjoying not seeing humans around.

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