Photo: Kami Rita Sherpa/Facebook

Veteran Nepalese Sherpa Just Set a World Record by Climbing Mount Everest Twice in One Week

by Eben Diskin May 21, 2019

This piece of news might be a bit discouraging for Everest-trekking hopefuls whose longtime bucket-list item has been to scale Everest just once in their life. Of course, that’s still a pretty incredible accomplishment, but to this guy, it’s just another day at the office. Kami Rita, a Nepalese mountain climber and sherpa, has climbed the tallest mountain in the world a record 24 times — and even more impressively, twice just this past week.

Just three days after his 23rd summit, he began climbing again, leading a team of Indian police officers. He completed his 24th climb on Tuesday morning. May offers prime conditions for summiting Everest, so it’s no surprise that his legendary double climb happened this month. This season, 381 people have been granted permits to carry out expeditions on the mountain, and as of this week, 75 climbers have reached the top.

Everest isn’t the only mountain Rita has tackled. He’s also climbed nearby K2 and Cho-Oyu in the Himalayas. And the 49-year-old veteran hiker isn’t finished with Everest, either. Although he has been climbing the mountain since 1994, he has expressed his desire to summit the mountain at least one more time before he retires, bringing his total to a neat 25.


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