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Sleep Under the Stars in These Translucent Bubble Tents in Australia

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by Eben Diskin Jun 19, 2018

Sleeping under the stars usually sounds like a good idea, until you realize it means sleeping outside on uncomfortable ground. This new experience from Bubble Tent Australia, however, is changing the stargazing game. The retreat lets you stay in one of three translucent bubble tents tucked deep into Australia’s Capertee Valley, the world’s second largest canyon.

Bubble Tent Australia was founded by Mayu Itawaki and Sonny Vrebac, after they returned to their traditional accommodations following a meteor shower at the Mt. John Observatory. They wished that they could have stayed outside, watching the stars from the comfort of their beds, and so the idea for a non-stop stargazing experience was born.

The tents are equipped with all the tools for a perfect, comfortable nature escape, including a large bed, composting toilets, outdoor kitchens, and an open-air seating area with telescopes for optimal viewing. The bubble tents overlook Capertee Valley, with several tent options based on your price range and preferences. The pricier Virgo tent, for example, is outfitted with a warm wood-fired hot tub, herb garden, and an outdoor seating area.

Visit Bubble Tent’s website to learn more about pricing, the various tent options, and to book an epic night under the Australian skies.

H/T: Inhabitat

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