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The Smithsonian Channel Released 68 Free ‘Aerial America’ Episodes for a Hefty Dose of Isolation Escapism

by Eben Diskin Mar 30, 2020

In a period where unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged, watching travel shows and movies can either be a breath of fresh air or absolute torture. If you can handle the FOMO, and are in desperate need of a dose of escapism, the Smithsonian Channel is releasing 68 episodes of Aerial America so you can be treated to views different from those outside your window.

Each 45-50 minute episode offers a birds-eye view of various locations around the country, touching upon all 50 states. The show focuses on natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and tourist attractions, and also highlights some of the country’s most significant sites.

All 68 episodes are now available for free and without the need to login on Smithsonian Channel Plus. And because shows can be more fun to watch in groups, the Smithsonian Channel will also roll out weekly online “watch parties” to make the viewing experience more interactive. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM ET, the Smithsonian Channel will be hosting state-specific trivia on its Facebook page to keep you engaged and curb the isolating effects of social distancing. For each trivia session, the full corresponding episode is uploaded on YouTube.

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