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This Job Will Fly You to Sweden to Ski All Day and Get Paid

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by Eben Diskin Jan 25, 2019

If the astronomical costs of a ski trip is preventing you from finally learning how to ski and hitting the slopes, this will help. This new job at Tenson, a sports gear brand, is the perfect gig for broke, mediocre skiers. As part of its new product testing process, Tenson wants to pay two skiers $30 an hour to test its gear on an all-expenses-paid trip to Sweden. And the poorer your skills are, the better — Tenson is looking for skiers who might fall a few times, thereby putting its gear to the ultimate test.

The job includes round-trip travel to Sweden’s Idre Fjäll ski hill, housing in a cabin right on the mountain, eight hours of private lessons, and your own set of Tenson gear to keep. You can even bring a friend along for free. All you’re required to do is test the gear and provide feedback.

According to the job description, Tenson needs “first-hand intel on how our ski gear can, for instance, withstand a 50 meter long tumble against an icy slope, going all in (and beyond) on the after-ski party, and getting caught in the T-bar ski lift. […] We believe that the successful candidate for the job has a test-and-learn mentality, never got a compliment for their riding style, and thrives in a fast-paced environment.”

So basically, it’ll be paying you to fall a lot. If that sounds like something you can do, fill out the online application here before February 11.

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