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A Taco Bell-Themed Resort Is Opening in Palm Springs

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by Eben Diskin May 17, 2019

We’ve heard of chain restaurants and chain hotels, but what about a chain restaurant hotel? Taco Bell is taking steps to make it a reality by opening The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort in Palm Springs, Florida. This temporary hotel takeover is an attempt by Taco Bell to cater to its most diehard fans and create an experience beyond simply food.

The hotel is rumored to feature a gift shop with Taco Bell-themed apparel, a salon with nail art and hair styling services inspired by the fast-food chain’s offerings, and, of course, a Taco Bell restaurant.

According to the hotel’s website, “Complete with exclusive Taco Bell menu items and plenty of surprises, The Bell is sure to be the spicy twist of your summer. So pack your swimsuit, mark your calendars and start the countdown, because The Bell is about to make all of your taco dreams come true.”

The hotel is Taco Bell’s attempt to not only create brand awareness but also a unique, unparalleled experience for its existing fans. And it’s certainly not the first time. The chain has also offered to marry customers for $600 at its Las Vegas Cantina location (and yes, 165 couples registered). They have also partnered with Forever 21 to sell branded clothes with Taco Bell’s logo.

The lucky hotel that will host the takeover has yet to be named, but reservations will open in June, with guests able to check in starting on August 9. You can sign up to be notified when reservations go live.


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