Photo: Douglas Lyle Thompson/The Ameswell Hotel

This Chic California Hotel Has a MET-Worthy Art Collection

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by Morgane Croissant Feb 22, 2022

New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world, including MoMa, the ever-teasing Museum of Sex, the mind-boggling Museum of Illusions, and, of course, the most famous museums of them all: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Even if you live thousands of miles from New York City, you can still check out MET-worthy art. In fact, you can do so at a hotel.

The Ameswell Hotel, which opened in July 2021 in Mountain View, California, is a luxury hotel and modern art museum combo. The hotel houses a collection of 20 world-class art pieces curated by Philip Maritz, who is on the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Nancy Sweeney of Sweeny Co. Art Advisors. All the art displayed at the Amswell Hotel focus on the themes of nature, air, and space to reflect the surroundings of the property (the NASA Ames Research Center is the hotel’s neighbor).

Of course, the Ameswell Hotel is a splendid hotel in its own right with modern amenities like a Lululemon mirror gym and a fleet of Peloton bikes, 255 beautifully decorated rooms filled with organic toiletries, and even an Airstream bar by the pool. But it’s the art that makes it unique and takes this luxury hotel up one notch on the scale of extravagance and opulence.

The Amswell Hotel’s emphasis on modern art is clear from the get-go. Outside, near the entrance, is a 10-foot-tall steel sculpture by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu that was inspired by a NASA mission. When you step inside the hotel, you’re faced with “Three Circles” by artist Chul Hyun Ahn, a hypnotizing piece made of mirrors and colorful LED lights.

Lobby of the Ameswell hotel in California

Photo: Jessica Sample/The Ameswell Hotel

Elsewhere in the Ameswell Hotel, you’ll find a polyptych piece by Ala Ebtekar using negatives from the Hubble telescope and a photographic printing process called cyanotype; two black and white paintings representing lined-up figures in various positions, not unlike hieroglyphics, by James Ulmer; and plenty of other eye-catching artworks.

Art piece at the Ameswell Hotel

Photo: Jessica Sample/The Ameswell Hotel

Art pieces displayed at the Ameswell Hotel in California's Silicon Valley

Photo: Jessica Sample and Douglas Lyle Thompson/The Ameswell Hotel

And if you’re not an art connoisseur and need a little more explanations when it comes to modern art, the Ameswell Hotel has installed QR codes for each pieces, so guests can learn about the works displayed and have a museum experience at their own pace — whether that’s before the on-site spa treatment or after the beer garden.

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