Photo: Chad Morris/Facebook

Three Bears Occupied a Man’s Parked Car in Tennessee

by Eben Diskin May 23, 2019

Southern hospitality is one thing, but allowing three bears to take up residence in your car might be taking it too far. When Chad Morris, a barbershop owner, parked his car in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, last Thursday, he returned to find a black bear cub climbing through his car window. Apparently, the first one was just a scout, as two more approached afterward, entering through the right driver’s side window while a mother bear watched from afar.

Morris posted about the encounter of Facebook, saying, “Is this real life…tell me we are being punked. 3 bear cubs in my car and the momma just lurking!”

Bear sticking its head out of the window

Photo: Chad Morris/Facebook

View of bears inside the car

Photo: Chad Morris/Facebook

He told ABC 6 WATE, “I was telling my friends, I want to see a bear, I want to see a bear you know? Been lifting weights a little bit, want to see a bear, tussle with a bear and it was like well, you get four on one, now what do you wanna do big boy? And I was like nah, I’ll pass.”

Indeed, he may have gotten more than he wished for. Luckily, Morris kept his distance. Shortly afterward, the bears vacated the car — probably finding their new dwelling a bit cramped for their liking. Before leaving, however, they did rip a chunk out of the seat.

Bear sightings are common in the Great Smoky Mountains during the spring and summer, though sightings inside your own vehicle tend to be (thankfully) less common. The good news is that the solution is simple: Keep your windows up.


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