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Three Cows Found Alive After Hurricane Dorian Swept Them Out to Sea

North Carolina News
by Eben Diskin Nov 14, 2019

During Hurricane Dorian, which hit North Carolina on September 6, a group of wild horses and cows were swept out from Cedar Island into the ocean by an eight-foot surge of water. Exactly 28 horses of a herd of 49 and 17 cows of a group of 20 were thought dead until three cows were found at the Cape Lookout National Seashore on the Outer Banks.


Photo: Google Maps

The first cow was spotted by Cape Lookout National Seashore staff only a day after the storm, with the other two, both no older than 2 years old, found four weeks later.

Presumably, the bovines swam four miles across the Core Sound. Although cows can swim, doing so for so long during a storm is certainly a feat.

They are now peacefully hanging out together in the park but plans to remove them will have to be ready in the next 30 days. Cape Lookout Spokesperson B. G. Horvat explained to the Charlotte Observer that the animals may need to be sedated and ferried back to Cedar Island.

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