It’s been 15 years since anyone dove down to check up on the Titanic wreck, and apparently it’s not doing so well. In early August, a team of explorers made five dives in the North Atlantic to check out the ship, only to find that the wreck is being rapidly destroyed by metal-eating bacteria, salt corrosion, and deep ocean currents.

Previous expeditions revealed that iron-eating microbes had colonized the wreckage, and that the whole thing would eventually dissolve into a fine powder. Some have estimated that there would be nothing left of the ship by 2030.

The RMS Titanic has been laying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, at a depth of 2.5 miles, since 1912. The ship, thought insubmersible, hit an iceberg during a voyage from Southampton to New York City and sank, killing more than 1,500 people, which is over half of all passengers and crew members.

A documentary film of the wreck by Atlantic Productions, the first ever 4K images of the ship, is currently in the works.