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A Truck Spilled Its Cargo of Fireball Whiskey All Over the Highway

by Eben Diskin Jun 20, 2018

A roadside spill is never good, but, at least, this one left the road smelling sweet and cinnamony. On June 14th, a non-fatal accident involving two 18-wheelers caused one of them to spill its entire cargo across Interstate 40 in Arkansas. Now, it looks like a frat party tore through the highway overnight, as crates of Fireball Whiskey are scattered across the road. While the terms “Fireball” and “wasted” do go together, it’s not usually like this.


“Looks like we’ll be working this for awhile,” tweeted the Arkansas Department of Transportation. The department had to bring in a little truck with a mechanical broom to sweep up all the broken bottles. If only they could rent out that mini truck to college students, it would probably make a lot of Sunday morning cleanups much, much, easier.

Arkansas seems to be the food-spill capital of the US, with frozen pizzas, spaghetti sauce, and bourbon all falling accidentally to the pavement lately. There’s a certain fascination surrounding massive food and drink spills, as they leave observers wondering: Where was the shipment going? What bright-eyed consumer was about to drink this Fireball? What legendary night was ruined by the spill? Truly, a Fireball spill is a tragic story of “what could have been?”

H/T: Supercall

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