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A Truck Spilled Liquid Chocolate All Over a Polish Highway and It Looks Delicious

Poland News
by Marie-Louise Monnier May 9, 2018

This is quite the year for precious cargo. Last March, a plane in Russia accidentally dropped $156 million worth of gold bars from the sky; today, a tank truck containing 12 tons of liquid chocolate spilled on a Polish highway.

The truck overturned on the Poznan to Warsaw highway in central Poland, spilled its tasty content across six lanes, and blocked the traffic in both directions.

Thankfully, nobody was badly physically hurt — the driver of the truck only has a broken arm — but chocolate lovers around the world have had their hearts broken upon seeing the waste of so much good stuff.

That said, nobody has taken advantage of the potential chocolate slip n’ slide opportunities, or volunteered to lick the highway clean. The rescue team is having a hard time getting rid of the chocolate that started solidifying because of the cool temperatures. “It’s worse than snow” explained Bogdan Kowalski, a fire brigade officers to TVN24.

If they need helpers, we suggest they give those stuck in traffic some sliced fruit, so everyone can make a fondue out of it.

H/T: The New York Times

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