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UK Set to Legalize E-Scooters in an Effort to Encourage Green Transport

by Eben Diskin Jan 28, 2020

Currently banned from roads and sidewalks in the UK, the controversial electric scooters that have taken over the streets of cities in North America and Europe are likely going to be legalized soon in an effort to promote green transportation.

A consultation will be held next month regarding potential regulation, and following the consultation, fleets of e-scooters will be tested in cities around the UK. They would, however, be prohibited from traveling faster than 15.5 mph and would only be allowed on roads and cycling lanes. It is yet to be determined if the use of a helmet will be made mandatory.

E-scooters tend to be a controversial subject. Some people love them, as they offer a convenient way to explore a city in the absence of a car, while others tend to despise them, as e-scooter riders often ride recklessly and abandon their scooters on sidewalks. The UK hasn’t had to grapple with this issue just yet, but that’s about to change.

There are, however, safety concerns surrounding the vehicles. According to iNews, there have been at least 10 serious injuries and 21 slight injuries involving e-scooters in London in 2019.

Indeed, should the UK follow through with legalization, safety and responsible operating are sure to come to the forefront of the conversation.

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