To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, the US has extended border restrictions with Canada and Mexico until July 21.

Restrictions on non-essential travel between the North American bloc were set to expire on June 21, but that deadline will be extended by one month. The countries closed their borders to non-essential travel in March, with extensions occurring in both April and May. Just like before, cross-border travel will only be allowed for those working in essential services, and for citizens or residents returning home.

In a statement, acting US Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said, “Based on the success of the existing restrictions and the emergence of additional global COVID-19 hotspots, the Department will continue to limit non-essential travel at our land ports of entry with Canada and Mexico. […] The Department of Homeland Security is in close contact with our Canadian and Mexican counterparts regarding this extension, and they agree on the need to extend their non-essential travel restrictions as well.”