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Border Restrictions Between the US, Canada, and Mexico Extended Until December 21

United States News
by Eben Diskin Nov 19, 2020

To prevent further spread of COVID-19, the land border restrictions between the United States, Canada, and Mexico have been extended through at least December 21, Reuters reported.

Restrictions on nonessential travel between the North American countries were set to expire on November 21, but that deadline has been extended by another month. The countries closed their borders to nonessential travel on March 18, with extensions occurring every month since.

Many are suffering from the border closure, but recently, one Canadian couple found a loophole to the travel restrictions and held their marriage ceremony at the US-Canada border so all their guests could attend.

A version of this article was previously published on June 17, 2020, and was updated on November 19, 2020, with more information.

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