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Vote on November 6th and You Could Win a Free International Trip

by Eben Diskin Oct 24, 2018

In case you needed an extra incentive to vote on November 6th, travel company Contiki is giving you the offer of a lifetime. Regardless of your political persuasions, Contiki wants to encourage young voters to head to the polls to exercise their civic duty, so it’s offering them a free trip abroad.

To be eligible, all you have to do is post a selfie on Instagram with your “I voted” sticker, and the #VoteWithNoRegrets hashtag. You must also follow and tag Contiki (@contiki) on Instagram. Just remember, taking a photo with your actual ballot is illegal, and you wouldn’t want to get yelled at by people at the polling station.

The contest is open to any US resident between the ages of 18 and 35. Official rules can be found here. Entries must be submitted between November 8th and November 16th, with the winner being announced on November 19th. The lucky winner will be able to choose one of six prizes: a 14-night, multi-destination trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal; an eight-night trip to Cambodia and Laos; a seven-night trip to the Peruvian Highlands; an eight-night trip to southern New Zealand; a seven-night trip to Egypt; or airfare credit amounting to $1,000 per person (must be booked through Contiki).

So get out there and vote on November 6th — if not for your passion for politics, do it for the freebie.

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