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Watch: This Olympic Rugby Player Shows Off the Perks of Living in the Olympic Village on Tik Tok

by Olivia Harden Jul 27, 2021

There’s no doubt the life of an Olympic athlete is very busy, what with, you know, trying to win an Olympic gold medal and all. But some athletes are using Tik Tok to document their lives at the Olympic Village, including rugby player Cody Melphy competing for the United States.

Melphy’s Tik Tok of “things that just make sense” in the Olympic village has gone viral at 3.2 million likes. He shows off some perks like the giant dining hall that’s open 24/7 to feed some 10,000 athletes, autonomous buses to get around the village from their housing that’s separated by country, and free stuff like the Coca-Cola machine.


Olympic Village insider edition 👀 #tokyo2020 #olympics #teamusa #olympicvillage

♬ Paradise – Bazzi

Melphy also took a tour for viewers around the dining hall, which has two floors with tons of options. There’s a Japanese station, a pizza and pasta station, a salad bar and dessert station, and plenty more.


Reply to @finnthewizard the food is 🔥 in the village #tokyoolympics #tokyo2020 #olympics #usarugby #teamusa #olympicvillage

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Some viewers found out the athletes are sleeping on beds with cardboard frames. Melphy decided to put some rest to rumors that the beds are made out of cardboard to keep people from having sex. Even though he says the rumors are false, he did break his frame in the process so, careful Melphy.


Reply to @thejorgeromero I broke the cardboard bed… #tokyoolympics #tokyo2020 #olympics

♬ Opportunity – Quvenzhané Wallis

Looks like the Olympic Village is even more fun than we thought it was.

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