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Where You Should Travel to in 2018 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

by Henry Miller Jan 18, 2018

Astrology is not something that should guide our life decisions. Like alchemy, this mystic pseudo-science has over time been replaced by empirical sciences like astronomy, physics, economics, and psychology. These, we have agreed as a society, are better at determining our terrestrial lives than star signs. Yet, we still get tattoos of our Zodiac characters, ask people we’ve just met about their sign, and publish Zodiac readings in just about every newspaper and online publication there is. Most of us probably do not take the Zodiac too seriously, but there is something warm and reassuring about projecting our personalities through ancient archetypes and letting the fates decide.

In light of that whimsical fuzzy feeling, I feel obligated to share with you Ampersand Travel‘s list of where you should go in 2018 based on your Zodiac sign. May my high school biology teacher strike me down, and my journalism professors bury me in a shallow grave. I wish I could quit you, Zodiac, but I am too loyal (I know, such a Leo thing to say).

“Capricorns will enjoy visiting China in 2018. China is famed for its disciplined culture, and this is perfectly suited to the naturally self-disciplined Capricorn. The Chinese are also known for their politeness which will be welcoming for visiting Capricorns who can at times be shy. China is also known for being a hard-working and physically fit country, which will appeal to Capricorns who are ambitious to achieve their best in all aspects of life. Capricorns are typically wise, and the ancient history, culture, religion and philosophy of China will make for fascinating explorations for a Capricorn.”

Italy is a must-visit for Cancerians in 2018. Cancerians are known for being creative types and so Italy, home to some of the world’s best art and music is the perfect holiday destination. The Cancerian is very loving and emotional and so they will appreciate the Italian locals who are typically friendly, welcoming and very close to their families and communities. Adventurous Cancerians are a spontaneous bunch and with Italy’s efficient train and transport services it is easy to hop over to a completely different part of the country on a whim, allowing the adventures to continue throughout the country.”

“Arians should head Stateside in 2018 to explore the USA. Arians are known for their passion and positivity, and their bubbly nature will fit in perfectly in the USA. Americans are loved for their outgoing personalities and friendly nature, and an Arian travelling in the USA will meet new friends instantly. Arians are known for being adventurous and versatile and so the vastly different states across the massive country will offer an exciting range of adventures, making an American road trip the ideal choice for an Arian.”

“Aquarians should travel to Japan in 2018. Art, literature and design is important in Japan which will appeal to the creative Aquarian. The Japanese are known for their friendly nature which fits well with Aquarians who also exude a friendly aura. Aquarians are naturally open-minded and curious people and will take interest in exploring and finding out more about Japan’s unique culture and traditions.”

“Geminis should add Singapore to their travel bucket list in 2018. Singapore is known for being one of the most intelligent countries in the world, making it a perfect fit for intellectual Geminis. Singaporeans also rate themselves as a country with a good sense of humour, which means witty and humorous Geminis can enjoy some laughs along their travels in Singapore. Geminis adjust well to change and will enjoy exploring the different aspects of Singapore’s history and culture, and trying out new activities and food.”

India is a wonderful 2018 holiday choice for Sagittarians. Indians are often described as ‘eternal optimists’, and the same can be said for Sagittarians who are known for their positive attitudes. India is a country steeped in philosophy which will appeal to the deep-thinking and intellectual Sagittarian. Indian people are known for being warm and welcoming and big-hearted Sagittarians will feel at home among the friendly community. Sagittarians have an adventurous streak and in India there is a plethora of new things for the intrepid Sagittarian to explore.”

“Scorpions should head to the colourful country of Denmark this year. Danes are famed for avoiding superficiality, which makes Denmark the perfect location for Scorpions who are known for being genuine and honest people. Like Danish people, the Scorpion can take a while to open up to new people but when they do they are a true, loyal friend. Scorpions will enjoy the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ which roughly translates as savouring the feeling of a moment as being ‘cosy’, whether with loved ones or alone.”

“Virgos will enjoy a traditional break in England in 2018. Virgos are famous for being modest and reliable types – very similar to the traditional polite and well-mannered Englishman. Virgos are hard-working, intelligent and analytical people and England’s history allows for many fascinating sights to keep the Virgo’s mind entertained. Virgos can also enjoy visiting England’s esteemed university towns, including Oxford and Cambridge. While Virgos are generally seen as a more introverted type, they possess a great deal of energy and so would ensure to soak in as many sights as possible on a holiday in England.”

Thailand is calling for Taureans in 2018. They say patience is a virtue, and that notion is certainly upheld in Thailand and among Taureans. Thailand is a country that moves at a leisurely pace, and that will suit laid-back Taureans perfectly well. Thai people are known for being polite and friendly which will appeal to Taureans who are also down-to-earth, generous and dependable. Taureans can also be known for their frugal nature but luckily, it’s easy to travel on a budget in Thailand.”

“The Maldives is the perfect paradise for Librans this year. Librans are a romantic and charming type, and the Maldives is an idyllic location for a romantic escape. Librans are very laid-back and so a week or two of soaking in the sun on a beautiful beach in the Maldives is the perfect holiday choice. The Maldives is known for being a tight-knit community which appeals to the social nature of Librans who enjoy harmony and sharing with others. Librans enjoy exploring the outdoors and where better than the sparkling white sand and azure waters of the Maldives?”

“Leos will love an Australian vacation in 2018. Australians are famous for their ‘mateship’. Friendships and relationships are very important to Australians and this will resonate with big-hearted and loyal Leos. Leos are also known for their high energy, and there will be plenty of exciting activities on offer in Australia to channel their energy, from water sports to jungle treks.”

Ecuador is the perfect travel choice for Pisceans this year. Ecuador was recently named as the most empathetic country in the world, so Pisceans who are typically kind, compassionate and intuitive will feel right at home. Pisceans are also known for their huge imagination, and the beautiful landscapes of Ecuador – from the Galapagos Islands to the city of Quito – are sure to leave dreamy Pisceans feeling inspired.”

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