Photo: Qiddiya - القدية

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Is Coming to Saudi Arabia

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by Eben Diskin Feb 4, 2021

A new roller coaster currently under development in the Middle East will break records of speed, track length, and height. Planned to open in Saudi Arabia in 2023, the “Falcon’s Flight” roller coaster will debut at the new Six Flags Qiddiya.

World's fastest roller coaster to open in Saudi Arabia in 2023

Photo: Six Flags

The roller coaster will travel 2.5 miles of track, dive over a vertical cliff into a 525-foot-deep valley, and run at speeds of 155 miles per hour. It will take up to 20 passengers on three-minute rides with panoramic views of the park. The park itself is slated to include 28 rides and attractions across six different themed lands.

The current longest roller coaster is the Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan’s Nagashima Spa Land amusement park, at 1.54 miles. The Falcon’s Flight is set to break the Steel Dragon’s record by over one mile. The current fastest roller coaster, the Formula Ross in Abu Dhabi, currently travels 149 miles per hour.

A press release issued by the Qiddiya Investment Company said, “The Falcon’s Flight will also be the world’s tallest free-standing coaster structure, featuring a parabolic airtime hill allowing a weightlessness airtime experience.”

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