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The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt Is Happening This Weekend in Cities Around the World

by Eben Diskin Sep 26, 2019

If you’re inclined to believe that Ghostbusters was a documentary and not a fictional movie, you’re going to want to mark your calendar for this real-life ghost hunt. This Saturday, September 28, the third-annual World’s Largest Ghost Hunt will take place around the world, in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Philippines. The hunt is part of National Ghost Hunting Day, which the National Calendar Day Registry officially recognizes as the last Saturday in September.

According to the official website, “National Ghost Hunting Day recognizes and celebrates the novice, curious and expert execution of ghost hunting methods…Its noble intention is to globally promote the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the work of paranormal investigators dedicated to these iconic locations!”

The hunt will involve paranormal teams in dozens of cities going on a ghost hunt, with the help of anyone who’d like to join. If you can’t attend yourself, the hunt will stream on GetVokl (type #LargestGhostHunt in the search bar to access).

The goal of National Ghost Hunting Day is to raise awareness of the proper way to conduct paranormal investigations — for all you people doing it wrong out there — and to increase appreciation for local history and landmarks. The event will also be raising money for various historical landmarks, which may or may not be haunted, with proceeds from ticket sales going toward local preservation efforts.

To participate, tickets can be purchased online.

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