Photo: Kodak/Serious Puzzles

This New 51,300-Piece Puzzle of 27 Wonders From Around the World Should Keep You Busy During Lockdown

by Eben Diskin Apr 22, 2020

Jigsaw puzzles are more in demand than ever right now. The New York Times reported on April 13 that puzzle businesses are struggling to keep up with a demand that has exceeded the levels usually seen at Christmas. And it’s true that being confined to your house with very little to do is the perfect recipe for developing a puzzle addiction.

To satisfy both the current high demand for puzzles and people’s thirst for travel, Kodak just released a 51,300-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is sure to keep you busy at least until movie theaters, restaurants, and everything else reopens.

The puzzle is the largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle, measuring 6.25 feet in width and 28.5 feet in length, and weighing around 40 pounds. The puzzle is divided into 27 sections, each depicting a different wonder of the world. You’ll find familiar scenes like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Rome’s Colosseum, India’s Taj Mahal, Peru’s Machu Picchu, and St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, among others. The giant puzzle consists of 27 separately packaged 1,900-piece puzzles (one for each photograph), which all interlock together.

It’s estimated that the puzzle takes between 16 and 21 days to finish. And before you make an impulse quarantine purchase worth $569.95, make sure you actually have enough room in your house for this thing. Unless your dining room table resembles the one in Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” it’ll probably be too small.

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