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WOW Air Just Launched Absurdly Cheap Flights to Europe and India

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by Matthew Meltzer Sep 6, 2018

For the cost of an extra day of park-hopping, you can now ditch the whole family in Florida and go to Iceland.

Not that we’re suggesting you bail on the entire family, leaving them to wait on interminable lines in oppressive humidity by themselves. But if by day three of your Disney World vacation your nephew’s insistence on seeing Goofy is wearing a little thin, there are now insanely cheap ways to get as far away from Orlando as possible. WOW Air, the folks who almost single-handedly flooded Iceland with US visitors, is now offering $99 flights from Orlando to Iceland in addition to $149 fares to Europe and $399 flights to India.

So let’s say you’re cruising the France Pavilion at Epcot and think to yourself, “Man, these crepes and fine wine are pretty cool, but I’d love to experience them with some authentic French chain-smoking too!” — you’re only a cab ride to the airport away. Flights to Paris will be going for $149 from Orlando International Airport. Or if the England Pavilion got you all excited with its pubs, curries, and jolly accents, you can experience it without that annoying Florida sunshine with flights to London for $149 too.

Other European cities with cheap fares from Orlando include Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

But maybe your Disney trip has pulled your pendulum of wholesomeness and organization a little too far to one side, and you’re jonesing for something completely unpredictable. A place where traffic laws are a mere suggestion and people ride on top of trains. Well, lucky you, because after spending a few days in the happiest place on Earth, you can jump on a plane to New Delhi — where there won’t be lines for anything, because the concept of orderly queues doesn’t exist. Flights from MCO start at $399 each way, cheaper than a night at the Grand Floridian during high season.

Now remember, this is WOW Air so that base price is literally just the cost to get you a valid boarding pass. It doesn’t include stuff like carry-on luggage, checked bags, a seat assignment, or food. So unless you’re cool riding in a middle seat all the way to India with no food and only the clothes on your back, odds are it’ll cost you a little more. Though after shelling out $20 for a hamburger combo meal at Disney, that probably won’t even phase you.

Also remember that these are promotional fares, only available on selected flights, with limited seats selling for dirt cheap. So if you were planning a New Year’s mission to Paris for around $149 one way, maybe you should consider somewhere else.

Still, these deals are pretty magical, and if you either live in Central Florida or can get there easily, it’s worth taking advantage of this winter. Though that ride with the creepy singing puppets might talk about it, WOW is also showing us that it really is a small world after all.

Special thanks to our friends at TravelPirates, who, though they might not sing and fire cannons while you float by on boats, did hip us to this insane offer.

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