From the Editor: Changing Tides

by Benita Hussain Apr 15, 2011

Photo: Mike Murphy. Benita doing tolasana, New Jersey.

Benita Hussain is the new Editor of Matador Sports.

My first encounter with Matador came in late-2009 during an around-the-world trip I took after leaving my job as a New York City attorney. I met contributing editor Paul Sullivan at a cafe in Berlin after connecting with him through the Matador community, and later that evening, he brought me to a bar in Prenzlauer Berg, where then-Nights Editor Tom Gates and I slurped up Thai dumpling soup while listening to Paul deejay the party. Both of them seemed fascinated by some of the surfing stories I had gathered in Europe and encouraged me to submit to Matador Sports.

Fast forward to April 2011, and I am now the Editor of Matador Sports. My way to this position is testimony to the way Matador works and what has kept me here for the past 18 months. Matador is about stories, it’s about connections and it’s about sometimes being far away when you find them.

And we as athletes are lucky because we have an added element when it comes to travel: We partake in activities that are fun, risky, profound, political and often some permutation of all of these things. What this will always give us are stories to tell. And those stories are what we will always want here at Matador Sports.

Moving more in the direction of narratives is natural for me–an advanced yogi, willing surfer and budding climber–and my dedicated team of interns: Lindi Horton, a technological whiz and fearless cyclist, and Morgan deBoer, our California girl and running extraordinaire.

While we will always welcome interviews, profile pieces and photo essay spectaculars, my true love is for strong first-person viewpoints that bring readers into the shoes–or cleats or bare feet–of the sports enthusiast (or sports loather) writing for us.

We want to know what it’s like to drop in on your first Mavericks wave or fall off that V-10 in Central Park or crash into that hurdle you thought you’d soar over. But we also want to know about your father, who’s never missed a home Mariners game for the past 32 years, or how the sports fishermen in your community were affected by an environmental disaster.

Additionally, we’ll encourage you to follow some of our favorite athletes’ guides to nutrition or flashbacks of their worst moments in an upcoming series of interviews. And you’ll also be reading about new activities the mSports teammates have decided to put ourselves through just for the heck of it–or, really, for our readers’ entertainment.

We want to hear your voice now more than ever. So, come eat some soup dumplings with us. Or gorge on lasagna with surfers in Denmark. The tides here at Matador Sports have changed, but there are breaks for everyone.

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