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13 Reasons You Should Never Go to Buenos Aires

by Ana Bulnes May 6, 2015

1. You don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of History this square has seen.

2. Why would you want to sit next to Mafalda, hug her, and never let her go?

3. You prefer silence to any music this guys could make.

4. You don’t understand what’s so special about some houses with colorful façades.

5. A city which recognizes some bars as “notable”? You’re not traveling all the way to Buenos Aires just to end up there!

6. You’re not really into street art. Is that even legal?

7. You don’t need to visit a Japanese garden to feel calm and relaxed.

8. A cemetery inhabited by cats? Come on, that’s just creepy.

9. You have enough bookstores in your city… why would you care about visiting them in the city with more bookstores per capita than anywhere else in the world?

10. Fleamarket weirdness has a limit, and this is probably it. Why would you want to meet this person? He doesn’t look like someone with a story to tell…

11. If you wanted to experience the real Carnival, you’d go to Brazil.

12. Your stomach doesn’t feel anything when it sees these empanadas.

13. People gathering to dance tango? You don’t see the appeal of milongas. Besides, tango invades your personal space way too much.

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