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by Hal Amen Jun 30, 2010
Tunnel, Spain

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Hal’s heading west and wants to meet up with Matador members on the way.

FOR THE FIRST TIME in a long time, I’ve got no international travel to look forward to. I mean, there’s always a return trip to Korea, a stint abroad in northern Europe — maybe Germany — a bike tour down Central America… But these are all daydreams. My inbox is empty of booking confirmations.

But it’s cool. Travel isn’t international by definition. I’ve already roadtripped half the U.S. this year. And now I’m ready to knock off the other.

On July 7 (or 8, depending what’s happening in the World Cup), my wife and I are throwing the tent in the car, buttoning up the house here in Austin, and hitting the road for San Francisco. We have a week to get there.

Last time, we experimented with an interstate-less route. It was fun, so we’re doing it again. The plan looks something like this:

Texas: San Angelo, Big Spring, Brownfield
New Mexico: Roswell, Corona, Albuquerque, Cuba, Farmington
Arizona: Kayenta, Page
Utah: Kanab, Cedar City
Nevada: Caliente, Tonopah
California: Yosemite, Stockton, San Francisco


Photo: Hal’s

After SF, we’ll head north — probably to redwood country, maybe even as far as Vancouver — before turning for home via Yellowstone and friends in Colorado.

I’m not packing a guidebook. Instead, I want the Matador community to lead me. My hope is to meet up with members along the way and collect their “local travel secrets” — underrated state parks, wacky roadside attractions, hidden swimming holes.

While I may not have time to follow up on each one, I’ll compile them for weekly “Roadtrip Updates” here at TRIPS.

Do you live on or near my route? Want to share your local travel secret with me (and the world)? Send me a private message via my Matador profile and we can go from there.

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