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World's Best Beaches: Which Ones Make Your List?

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by Hal Amen May 27, 2009
Summer is coming (for the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). The long sunny days. The sweaty skin. The surf.

It’s a time when many take to the beach to relax or get their sport on, and the Guardian’s travel section recently released a top-10 list of the world’s best stretches of sand.

Who’d they ask? People who know their beaches — marine biologists, surfing instructors, and divers, among others.

Here’s what they came up with:

1. Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.
2. Hossegor, France
3. Hyams Beach, New South Wales, Australia
4. Porthtowan, Cornwall, United Kingdom
5. Bingin Beach, Bali
6. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island
7. Sifah beach, Oman
8. Namotu, Fiji
9. Punta Lobos, southern Chile
10. Pease Bay, Scotland

Look at the geographical diversity of this list. You can literally find your favorite anywhere in the world.

They offer different colors and textures of sand, different crowds, different surf breaks…different ways to enjoy the summer.

We at Trips want to know: what are your favorite beaches? Where can you be found come June 21, and what will you be doing there? Let us know in the comments!

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