Can You Call 130 Square-Feet Home?

by eric warren Nov 12, 2011

Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith launch a Kickstarter project for their documentary about the tiny-house movement.

Building small. Screenshot from Tiny

When I saw the trailer for this film I had never heard of the tiny-house movement. Not that the concept was foreign to me, having traveled extensively in RVs, but the idea of building a house smaller than a college dorm room seemed a little odd.

The idea has a certain appeal. I have a romantic vision of “simplifying my life” that falls right in line with the tiny-house movement. And then I envision my 11×11-foot house. I’m lying on my fold-down bed, staring up at all of my bikes, skis and climbing gear hanging from the ceiling above me like an unstable cornice of sharp metal.

Of course, 98 square-foot houses aren’t for everyone. The beauty of this documentary is that it will show how turning the tide of McMansion construction can benefit not only the world, but also the people who choose to live smaller and more simply.

Check out the Kickstarter project here.

Video created by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith.

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