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Make This Idyllic Mountain Inn Your Gateway to the Swiss Alps

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by Matador Creators Feb 2, 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, a visit to the Alps is imperative. Reasons to visit the Swiss Alps are innumerable, from soaking in the views on the Albula Railway to climbing the incomparable Aletsch glacier or participating in a real-life Mario Kart race. Heck, you might even catch a glimpse of cows parading down mountains in flower crowns during a Swiss cow festival. In the canton of Appenzell, where one of the best-known cow festivals happens to take place, there’s a much simpler reason to visit — the chance to stay in at the remote and edenic Berggasthaus Bollenwees, which pretty much gives guests a slice of the Alps all to themselves.

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Berggasthaus Bollenwees is a mountain inn located in Appenzellerland about half an hour south of the town of Appenzell in the Alpstein mountains. The area is made up of rolling hills covered with pine trees, meadows colored by seasonal wildflowers, and sparkling alpine lakes — all of which is literally out your front door at Berggasthaus Bollenwees.

The inn itself looks like a traditional Appenzeller guest house, with cozy guest rooms featuring rustic wood furnishings and inviting common areas where guests can sit by the fire and chat about their adventures in the Alps. Everything from six-bed dorms to single rooms to family suites are available, as well as amenities such as complimentary breakfast and free WiFi.

The restaurant at Berggasthaus Bollenwees serves up delicious alpine delicacies and hearty dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients – all accompanied by wines and spirits carefully selected from regional wineries. Guests can enjoy their meals inside or out on the terrace while taking in stunning views of mountainside meadows.

Visitors to Berggasthaus Bollenwese have plenty of activities to keep them busy. Hikers will love exploring the trails that wind through alpine forests filled with wildlife, climbers can challenge themselves on mountaineering tours offering spectacular views of sky-high peaks, and photographers won’t want to miss capturing sunrise-illuminated rocks on Fählensee lake.

Accommodations range from roughly $50 to $120 per night per adult, depending on the type of room you book and on what days of the week. Children and teens get discounted rates.

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