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How to Enjoy the Rides at Monte Igueldo, One of Europe's Oldest Amusement Parks

by Matador Creators Mar 28, 2023

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, Monte Igueldo is one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. The park first opened its doors in 1912 and has been thrilling visitors ever since. With stunning views of the Bay of Biscay, Monte Igueldo is more than just an amusement park, it’s a window into the history of the Basque Country, and perfect for travelers looking for a slightly different way to experience the beautiful region.

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Construction of Monte Igueldo began in 1911 and was completed the following year. The park was built on land owned by the Marquis of Loring, who leased it to entrepreneur Antonio Cervantes for a period of 99 years. Cervantes was responsible for financing and constructing the park’s attractions, which included a hotel, casino, theater, and several rides. The park’s opening day was a grand affair, with over 10,000 people in attendance. Among the earliest visitors was King Alfonso XIII of Spain, who rode one of the roller coasters with his wife Queen Victoria Eugenie. The park quickly became a popular destination for both Spanish and international travelers, thanks both to its rides as well as its stunning views of the Bay of Biscay.

Nowadays, there are more than 20 different rides at Monte Igueldo Amusement Park, making it perfect for families with kids of all ages. Some of the most popular rides include the carousel, bumper cars, and Ferris wheel. There are also a number of food stands and souvenir shops throughout the park. One of the most popular attractions at Monte Igueldo is the cable car that takes visitors from the bottom of the hill up to the top where the amusement park is located. The cable car has been in operation since 1912, and is one of the oldest continually operating cable cars in Europe.

Since Monte Igueldo is just outside of San Sebastian, it’s easy to get to whether you’re coming from within Spain or from abroad. If you’re driving, there’s a large parking lot at the base of the funicular that will take you up to the park. If you’re taking public transportation, there are buses that run regularly from San Sebastian to Monte Igueldo. Once you’re at the park, there are a number of different ways to get around. In addition to the funicular, there’s also a mini-train that runs through the park as well as a number of walking paths.

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