21 Amazing Things to See in Muslim Countries

by Matt Hershberger Jan 30, 2017

IN TRAVELER CIRCLES, THERE ARE a couple of accepted truths about the Muslim world. The first is that the people don’t hate Americans and westerners. Piia Mustamäki, one of our Finnish writers, writes that Iran is a great and hospitable place to travel, even as a solo woman traveler. British writer Will Hatton loves Iran, too: he met his wife there — on Tinder, of all places. Writer Shawn Sippin found that even Egypt, post revolution, was a fun place to visit with hospitable people. Photographer Jeremy Ullman says, “I feel safer in Amman than I often do in London.”

The second accepted truth is that, if you listen to the media, you could be forgiven to think that Muslim countries are extraordinarily dangerous, especially for westerners. But this, for the most part, is not true — there are, of course, places like Syria and Somalia, where you should not be traveling right now. But most of the Muslim world is safe.

In light of the recent events targeting Muslims here in the west, we’ve dug into our Travelstoke archives. The Muslim world is — like the rest of the world — a beautiful place full of beautiful people. It stretches from Oceania through Asia, across the North of Africa, and into Europe, and cannot be painted simply in broad strokes. It is as diverse as the Christian world, with about as many people. Don’t believe the hype.


 Petra by NightPetra District, JordanYou won’t be the only person here, but you can truly feel the quiet and calm all around you when you walk down the candlelit path to the Treasury. A few days a week you can get tickets to Petra by Night…I highly recommend going! #nightphoto #explore #walks

 Amman CitadelAmman, JordanAmazing city views up here! Loved hearing the call to prayer while the sun went down. #myjordanjourney

 Ajloun CastleAjloun, JordanReally cool castle overlooking the city and some beatiful rolling hills.


 CappadociaGöreme Belediyesi, TurkeyParallel universe

United Arab Emirates

 MesquitaAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi

 Burj Al Arab JumeirahDubai, United Arab EmiratesSunset over the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. 💰


 Zoroastrian Towers of SilenceYazd, Iran#Zoroastrian #dakhma or Tower of Silence on the outskirts of #Yazd in #Iran. Believing a dead body was unclean and would pollute the soil, the Zoroastrians placed bodies at the top of this tower and exposed to the sun and vultures instead of being buried in the ground.


 The Great Pyramid at GizaNazlet El-Semman, EgyptThe most surprising thing about the Great pyramids of Giza is how close they are to Cairo. You can actually see them while driving in the city. The second thing you notice is how small they are compared to your childhood imagination. But still, they are amazing. Whether it was alien laserbeams that created those things or the hands of lowly slaves, it is an impressive feat. Be careful of the locals, they will try to rip you off or rob you. Also be careful of the swirling mini sand-nado’s. If it gets in your eyes you will lose precious viewing time 🙈 ain’t no body got time for that! 
Also head to the Sphinx statue nearby, find the best view from the bathroom of KFC! #sandy #wonderoftheworld #ancienthistory #egyptians #architecture #amazing #statue #history


 Mazino Base Camp, nullGreat please for spend time


 Alp-Lager Ala ArchaAlamudun, Kyrgyzstan#hiking #outdoors #Kyrgyzstan #bishkek #mountains


 Dusun BambuCihanjuang Rahayu, IndonesiaWonderful nature

 Teluk KiluanKiluan Negeri, IndonesiaKiluan #bay is the #cheapest place you can see a #dolpin . #extreme experience used small wooden boat go to #sea to watching #dolphins . #scary also #exciting #experience .

 Sewu TempleBoko Harjo, IndonesiaWithin the Prambanan temple compound. Eerily captivating, and has a very ancient spiritual feel here. Take a break away from the Prambanan crowd, and walk over here for some peaceful moments especially in the late afternoon sun, before ending your visit. #history #temple


 Perdana Botanical GardensKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPetrona Towers, impressive skyscraper.

 Batu CavesBatu Caves, MalaysiaBatu Caves in Malaysia, climb 272 steps. You can go in and see the temple and on your way down make sure you go on a tour into the Dark Cave is quite and experience. #cave #temple #malaysia


 Divjaka Resort, AlbaniaOne way

Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Old BridgeMostar, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMeander around the narrow cobbled streets with an ice cream and browse the arts and crafts, or take to the shade under the trees at one of the many cafes nestled on the river banks. Marvel at the charm and character of what was a war zone in the early 90s…


 Ait BenhaddouProvince d’El Hajeb, MoroccoOne of the coolest ancient Arabic cities in the world. Was a stopping spot for the caravans coming out of the Sahara on their way to Marrakech. Also where the Gladiator, Game of Thrones and countless other movies were filmed.

 Hassan II MosqueCasablanca, Moroccowhen in Casablanca, a visit to this impressive place of worship is a definite

 MedinaAsilah, MoroccoGreece or Morocco?


 Leybato’s Hotel & RestaurantSerrekunda, GambiaA good place to relax for some days. Great view & nice people. #free-wifi

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