Photo Essay: 18 Cute Travel-Sized Items

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Jan 10, 2011
Travel Kit #2

Photo by klyphord

The word “cute” is highly subjective.

However, scaled-down versions of both inanimate objects and living things – dogs, pigs, toothpaste – are usually perceived as “cute” which, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means to be “attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way.

The same rule applies to everyday household items and one of my favorite drugstore sections remains its racks of travel-sized knick-knacks – from shampoo and conditioners to toothpaste and mouthwash. While none of these mini-mes beat the nail-sized one-squeeze-only toothpaste you get in economy-class on most international flights in terms of itty-bitty cuteness, I still get sucked in by their TSA-friendly size.

For those of you who do most of your shopping online, meet – a company dedicated to selling mini versions of popular household items, and one which previously came across our radar in 10 Surprising Travel-Sized Items.

So I went digging around their site and here are some “cute” travel-sized items I found:

Tabasco – Pop one of these into your purse and you’re ready to spice up any dish on demand | BUY

Loo-Pourri Bathroom Scents – Now public toilets don’t have to completely assault your senses. As for navigating the dirty loo, you’re on your own | BUY.
The geniuses they are, Minimus also sells a travel-sized Public Restroom Survival kit.

Waliwa Piudali Amazonian Lip Balm – Housed in its own limited-supply Andean Nogal tree nut, this lip balm provides “intense hydration and protection for lips using Amazon fruit butters, waxes and oils” | BUY

Scrabble Brand Crossword Game – Mini Carabiner – Save your smartphone’s battery life and play Scrabble on this carabiner instead. Wondering how to works? Check out this full image of the opened-up Scrabble board. | BUY

Sewing Kit in Case – Getting the thread out of this tiny box is half the battle | BUY

Kama Sutra® Weekender Kit – In case your airline loses your bags, your honeymoon weekend can still go on..and on..and on. | BUY

Folding Scissors – If all you really wanted from that Swiss army utility tool was its tiny scissors, well you’re in luck | BUY

Knotts Berry Farm® Blackberry Preserves – These cute little jars usually make breakfast appearances (and uneaten disappearances). At $1 each, no need to swipe these from your airline breakfast tray. Just buy a couple to carry along | BUY

Brown Family Farms Pure New England Maple Syrup – Imagine busting this out at the hostel during breakfast. A nifty little conversation starter | BUY

Giovanni’s Lobster Pate – with cognac – Bust this one out at the same hostel and they’ll think you’re in denial | BUY

Nabisco® Oreo 2 pack – The 4-pack Oreos barely hit the spot, but 2-pack? What a tease | BUY

Villa Sereni Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar – Instantly spruce up salads with this olive oil-balsamic vinegar power combo | BUY

Benadryl® Readymist Itch Stopping Spray – Small enough to fit in your wallet, this spray provides instant relief from bites, itching, rashes, and other skin-related discomforts | BUY

Febreze® To Go Fabric Refresher – I highly recommend this freshening spray to backpackers who pack light | BUY

Sunlight® Dishwashing Liquid – I’ve never seen a dish-washing liquid bottle this small | BUY

Eltron® Mini Shaver – This travel-sized shaver uses only one AA battery | BUY

Delouis French Apple Cider Bouquet – Almost looks too pretty to crack open and use | BUY

Collapsible Plastic Cup – These collapsible cups are ideal for long term travelers or those squeamish about sharing cups | BUY

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